Found: Toronto Theosophical Society Bronze Plaque

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By S.Treloar

The bronze nameplate “Toronto Theosophical Society” that once adorned the entrance of the T.T.S.’s old headquarters at 52 Isabella St., has been found.

About a year ago I was attending a regular meeting of the district York Rite Masonic Lodge in Perry Sound, Ontario. In some discussion I mentioned Mme. H.P.Blavatsky’s name. After the meeting a member, Mr. James Cumberland, owner of a bookstore in Bracebridge, asked me if I knew of the Theosophical Society. I replied that indeed I did, and advised him of the various positions I have held over the years (64 years now), including currently being a director. He then stated that he had a Theosophical plaque and did I want it, I replied that I did and would get it retuned to the T.T.S. if they wanted it. Eventually I got the plaque. I requested of our President if she would convey the plaque to Toronto, as to the plaques history, it would appear that a T.T.S. member took this bronze door sign from the Isabella St. building before it was wrecked to make way for a high-rise apartment building. Said T.T.S. member eventually died and the bronze plaque was meaningless to the heirs, and so was sold to an antique dealer. About 20 years ago, Mr. Cumberland attended an antique dealers show in some big Centre in Toronto, spotted the T.T.S. plaque and purchased it. He has an interest in Theosophy and has read a number of TS books, including H.P.B.’s “Secret Doctrine”. He had the plaque displayed in his house for some years, and then they eventually tired of it, retired it to a storage shed on his property. When he found out about my Theosophical connection, he offered it to me. Our President, Lois Bribois, has a cottage on a lake about a half hour’s drive from my house. On Thanksgiving weekend she came to my place and picked up the plaque. I presume that now it has been returned home to the Toronto Lodge.     

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