Nine Faces of Christ

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By Lois J. Brisbois

Over the past 15 years, I was fortunate to find and have as a teacher and mentor, Dr. Eugene E. Whitworth of San Francisco. He was the founder, in 1957, of Great Western University and its counterpart, Great Western Brotherhood School of Sacred Studies. The goal of the University was to make studies in religion, metaphysics, philosophy, meditation and communication, available and affordable to any and all seekers. In his role as leader of GWU he undertook a number of journeys around the world to explore ancient cultures and primitive religious practices. One such journey stretched from the Lacadon Tribal group, in the jungles of Mexico, to India and to the Himalayas. He lectured and counseled worldwide, spreading the significance of the universality of religious thought to help bring about world peace. His sense of humour, exemplary lifestyle, and essential philosophy earned him the love, honour and respect of thousands domestically and abroad.

My first introduction to Dr. Whitworth’s many writings was the book “Nine Faces of Christ – Quest of the True Initiate”. Dr. Whitworth states that the book practically wrote itself and was completed in just 60 days. This book deals with the secret and true religion behind all religions, and with the preparation and initiation of the candidate into many secret and sacred metaphysical studies – from the Mysteries of the Magi to the ancient Egyptian training for the God-King. Here are disclosed Initiate Truths such as those the Greek Philosopher Plato dared not disclose , because he was under sacred oath not to do so. It deals with the inspired and relentless search for the True Religion, the unveiling of religious Truth long held so secret that one risked life itself to find that truth.

As you read this compelling book. You find that the central character is the Eternal Initiate, the great candidate of all religions. You become so emotionally involved with this character, Joseph bar Joseph or Jeshuau –Jeshua,  that, as he approaches initiation after initiation in his preparation for the Final Effort on the Cross, you feel that you are there. You will certainly see yourself in the eternal candidate.

About ten years ago, approaching 90 years of age, Dr. Whitworth and his wife, Dr. Ruth Whitworth, undertook a world trip to visit all the places mentioned in “Nine Faces of Christ”. Many verifications were made, the last in old Druid territory.

Note: “Nine Faces of Christ” has recently been reprinted and is available at and other bookstores.

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